A summer in Tyrol

The unique nature at Achensee in Tyrol with its wonderful combination of mountain and lake offers a wide range of options for spending your vacation: with sporty activities, relaxing wellness and regional delicacies.

Where the grandiose nature becomes a stage

It is a summer dream that takes place on a breathtaking natural stage. With a backdrop of mountains and lakes, forests and meadows. A play in which you can be an enjoyable spectator or play a very active role yourself. The Achensee region hugs everyone who wants to indulge in an unforgettable holiday experience with all their senses.



The dramaturgy, the design of the individual scenes and the number of acts can be determined by yourself. Those who just want to relax and enjoy nature and the landscape during the overture can experience a sporty, active holiday in the first act, the variety of which is second to none. In the second act, you can relax in a varied wellness world and, for the finale, discover Tyrolean hospitality and down-to-earth as well as refined cuisine to the full.

Relax, leave everyday life behind, take a deep breath. BLISSAIR will fly you to this wonderful place in Tyrol and its largest lake. Glide leisurely in a rowboat, on board the Achensee shipping company or in a sailing boat over the crystal clear water. Spread out the picnic blanket on the freely accessible lakeshore and let your gaze wander over the water to the unique mountain panorama. Or look at the lake in between from the heights of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains and let your mind wander. Everything is possible in this landscape, which already inspired crowned heads in the Middle Ages. Relax, be active and dine like a king - Emperor Maximilian I knew that as his most frequent guest - the best place to be at Achensee


If you have ever seen your fill, you can also initiate the active act in this holiday spectacle. It is not for nothing that the region bears the subtitle "Tyrol's Sport & Vital Park". In harmony with the natural conditions, a nature and sports-related tourism culture has developed at Lake Achensee over the years.


The variety of possibilities on, around and above the Achensee is as colorful and varied as the landscape. The sports activities for young and old range from climbing and challenging mountain hiking to mountain biking and canyoning, classics such as golf, tennis and horse riding to a wide range of water sports. Guided tours for beginners or individual climbing routes lead into a mountain world that offers breathtaking views and experiences. On 500 kilometers of hiking trails, a unique nature film passes you while jogging or quite leisurely while hiking. Here you can discover the whole abundance of flora and fauna. For example, you can experience chamois on their climbing tours or watch the majestic golden eagles soaring in the sky.

You can slip into any role on 250 kilometers of cycle paths: as a powerful mountain biker or a relaxed pleasure cyclist. On this extensive network, tours of various lengths and levels of difficulty offer the ideal opportunity to explore and experience the natural spectacle of the region on two wheels.

The combination of mountain and lake undoubtedly creates the special charm of the landscape. The "Tyrolean Sea" with its crystal clear water offers every opportunity to exercise and relax in the cool water. Diving, swimming, sailing, kiting, rowing, stand-up paddling - everything is on offer at the Achensee. For all ages, for singles, couples and families, for professionals as well as amateurs. Especially since numerous courses offer the chance to rediscover a water sport or to improve one's skills. And if you want to feel the power of water up close, you can experience it in the mountain streams of the region: with white water swimming, canyooning, kayaking or tubing under expert guidance.

In general, if you want to use the summer to add a new sport to your own repertoire, you are at the right place at Achensee. For several years now, they have specialized in offering summer sports camps for adults. Alpine sports such as climbing or via ferrata, but also running on the flat or in the field as well as e-bike basics are brought closer to the participants in small groups under the guidance of trained professionals. So you use the summer freshness not only for the urgently needed relaxation and sporting activity, but also learn important know-how and everything about the props of future sporting activities

The region offers guests added value: family-run hotels for generations, the Karwendel Nature Park and the diverse range of individual sports activities create the stage for a very personal holiday experience. The wide range of hotels and restaurants has something for every taste. Even 5-star hotels will delight you here. The Tyrolean hospitality and the Tyrolean cuisine are legendary. The palette ranges from the future Brettljause to haute cuisine, whereby the guests are particularly enthusiastic about the modern interpretations of traditional regional cuisine.

Guests who do not only want to be pampered with culinary delights can use the countless wellness offers. There are traditional regional treatments as well as exotic wellness offers, time and again a special experience: treatments with the soothing Tyrolean stone oil, which has only been extracted from slate in the Achensee region for more than 100 years.

If you want to enjoy a break on the spacious, sun-drenched shores of the lake between the spectacular drama of mountain and lake, then the Achensee is the place for you. There are enough natural stages here and diverse and unique pieces of Tyrolean summer freshness at Lake Achensee are just waiting to be written by the guests.

At the Achensee, everyone can turn nature into a very personal experience. The large natural stage at the "Tiroler Meer" offers a place for everyone. For active players as well as for those who just want to watch and enjoy the grandiose spectacle.

With BLISSAIR you can fly all the way to Innsbruck, maybe even treat yourself to a few days there in the city before heading out into nature.

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