Flights and destinations

BLISSAIR stands for safe, fast and pleasant individual flights. With us you can reach worldwide destinations, which cannot be reached by scheduled flights or only with great effort. We use our own aircraft for this and also have a broad network of partner aircrafts that we charter exactly to your needs.

Advice and service

BLISSAIR offers you advice on general aviation issues, individual air transport concepts, and the purchase and sale of aircrafts. You benefit from more than 30 years of experience from our own successful operation of private, commercial and factory-used aircraft with piston, turboprop and jet engines.

Training and care

BLISSAIR supports pilots, professional pilots and self-flying aircraft owners or those who want to become one with check flights, safety training and flight attendance. This performance is provided by our own examiners and experts for the aircraft classes Turboprop and Jet for the samples KingAir and the complete CitationJet from CJ1 to CJ4 family, among other things on most modern simulators.

Why Bliss?


BLISSAIR guarantees safe, comfortable and fast flights for all companies.
BLISSAIR is a reliable partner that offers you and your company individual transport concepts and creative solutions.
BLISSAIR is not only an interesting employer, but also offers external pilots, check flights and state-of-the-art training. Checks and training can be carried out on the aircraft type CitationJet CJ1+ (D-IHKW) for 6 persons.

About Blissair

BLISSAIR for perfect flight performance and secure and efficient experience

When talking about ourselves, it's all about our customers, our team, our partner network and what we do with it.
BlissAir stands for complete satisfaction and guarantees safe, fast, comfortable and tailor-made aviation services.
The spectrum ranges from VIP, ambulance and freight flights, to the management of customer aircrafts, to the training of pilots, the purchase and sale of aircrafts and individual customer-specific concepts.

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Flexibility and efficiency create profit, success and productivity

Often you do not know in advance which new opportunities arise. That's why flexibility and speed are indispensable in the modern business world.
Business aviation is exactly what helps you to be on the spot in time.

Your own flight schedule

Always on Duty

More than 3 percent of all scheduled flights are canceled at short notice and over 25% of the flights are delayed.
As a result, connecting flights are missed and appointments are missed.
With Business Aviation you can design your own flight schedule and concentrate on the essentials.

BLISSAIR is there for you

Almost nothing is impossible

If you want to take appointments in different places on one day, this is often not possible with conventional means of transport.
With BLISSAIR you can reach even the most remote destinations safely and quickly. This not only saves time but also accommodation costs. You can also prepare for your appointments on board in peace and in an absolutely confidential environment.


It´s not always the simple things in life

Of course, when you travel with BLISSAIR, we take care of your valuable luggage. And no doubt, we also transport sensitive equipment, medicines, spare parts or tools. Your pet is also in good hands with BLISSAIR and quickly with you - no matter where you are.