BLISSAIR - Part ownership of exclusive private jets in Europe

The demand for private jets and business travel has increased significantly in recent years. BLISSAIR is an emerging business aviation company focused on the European market. Our unique concept of part ownership allows customers to acquire and use exclusive private jets without having to make the entire investment on their own.

Our headquarters are located in Bocholt, Germany, and our subsidiary Challengeline provides the commercial operating licence (AOC) required to operate the jets commercially. BLISSAIR focuses on the operation, marketing and management of the aircraft, while Challengeline adds the jets to its existing AOC and ensures safe flight operations.

Part ownership as a customised solution 

We offer our customers a personalised and premium flying experience. Unlike larger jet operators that operate globally, we focus on "light jets" that are mainly used within Europe. This allows us to build a closer and more personal relationship with our customers and provide them with an unparalleled service.

The market for private jets and business travel in Europe is booming, especially due to increasing demand from interested customers who value flexibility, comfort and individuality. Our market research to date and discussions with industry peers have shown that there is a growing demand for our part ownership concept.

Part ownership of the latest jets

The increased utilisation of our current fleet also shows that demand has increased over the last two years and will continue to increase. Our marketing strategy for this concept is mainly based on word of mouth and exclusive information events to extend the reach of our message with selected customers. We are also present in elite environments with high quality refferences and targeted advice.

BLISSAIR's management team has many years of experience and expertise in the aviation industry, particularly in business aviation. BLISSAIR already runs a successful flight operation which is complemented by the part ownership concept. Accordingly, BLISSAIR already has qualified personnel and a functioning management structure as well as an extensive network in business aviation, which guarantees solid flight operations and the basis of this part-ownership concept.

For our fractional ownership concept, we are absolutely convinced by a fleet consisting of the new Citation Jet M2 in combination with the Citation Jet 3+. The M2 jet can cover most of the standard flight needs in Europe, while the CJ3+ is the ideal addition to the fleet when flights to more remote destinations are planned. 

BLISSAIR's part ownership concept

Our part ownership concept is essentially focused on providing part ownership of a Citation Jet M2 to interested parties. Blissair is constantly acquiring new jets in order to regularly expand the fleet on the Challengeline AOC. For this purpose, we pay special attention to maintaining a fleet purity. By keeping the Citation Family fleet pure, part owners always have access to an aircraft they are already familiar with. Even if an upgrade to a larger CJ, such as the CJ3+, is booked, customers will enter a jet that is almost identical in terms of cabin layout to the M2 jet they are already familiar with.

The cockpit, including the avionics, also remains the same. As a result, all pilots are fully familiar with the cockpits of all fleet jets and can train any scenario in the simulator to ensure absolutely safe flight operations. By including all jets in the existing Challengeline AOC, we enable their commercial use. Each Citation Jet M2 will be divided into six part-ownership units, allowing a customer to purchase one-sixth part-ownership.

Advantages of part ownership for customers at a glance

  • Own private jet: The customer owns a sixth part ownership of a Citation Jet M2 and thus always has access to his own jet.
  • Regulatory Compliance: All regulatory requirements and obligations are met by our AOC operator Challengeline.
  • Personalisation options: Catering requests and personal preferences can be easily fulfilled on your own jet
  • Cost efficiency: Flying on your own jet is much more cost-effective compared to bookings via brokers
  • Flying hours quota: Customers receive a quota of 100 flying hours per flight. 
  • Reimbursement and additional bookings: Surplus or unused hours can be reimbursed or booked for a small additional charge.
  • Transparent costs: The costs per flight hour are fixed, while additional expenses for crew and landing fees at exceptional airports are charged separately.
  • Upgrade options: Customers have the option to upgrade to the Citation Jet CJ3+ to fly longer routes or larger groups.
  • Contract term and resale: The contract term is 5 years, and the part ownership can be resold at any time
  • Pilot options: Customers who are pilots can complete a type rating on our in-house simulator and fly the Citation Jet M2 themselves with a safety pilot. For non-pilots, we provide a professional and well-trained crew.