Become part owner

Joy shared is joy doubled

"Joy shared is joy doubled" says a proverb that can be applied to many situations in life. So too with the shared ownership of a private jet. Anyone who owns a plane knows about the advantages and conveniences it brings. But this joy can be increased even more if you share not only the costs of acquiring and operating it with like-minded people, but also the experiences and adventures.


The BLISSAIR concept

You become part owner of a Cessna Citation M2 through BLISSAIR. This allows you to cover your flight requirements per year. In addition to the one-off purchase costs, there are fixed costs per flying hour for operating expenses.

For your share, you will receive a total of 100 flying hours per year as part owner. You enjoy all the advantages of an aircraft owner, but are only charged one sixth of the costs. BLISSAIR operates the jet and guarantees its economic success. Our subsidiary Challengeline bears the responsibility under aviation law and guarantees commercial and private use.

After five years, you can freely sell your share or return it to BLISSAIR. Unused flying hours from the annual package can be marketed by us. Additional flying hours, in turn, are offered to you at a special price.

The BLISSAIR promise

Co-owners enjoy the advantage of unlimited availability of an aircraft within 24 hours throughout Europe - and at low, because otimised positioning costs. Regardless of whether it is a matter of short-term bookings or trips to remote locations - BLISSAIR guarantees fast and reliable availability of an aircraft including crew and professional flight planning.

BLISSAIR is there for its customers around the clock, every day. A simple contact by phone call, WhatsApp or email to the reservation centre is all it takes to discuss travel plans with us. The company takes care of everything else so that customers can take to the skies relaxed and safe.

The BLISSAIR bonus

To maximise flight safety, BLISSAIR organises individual full-flight simulator training for selected crews and self-flying aircraft owners if required. To optimise time and flight comfort, safety pilots are also available to assist you at any time upon request.

Our innovative concept allows you to plan your flights in a very transparent and cost-efficient way. Regardless of whether the aircraft is on the ground or in the air and wherever your destination may be: we only charge for the flight hours on board and waive any positioning and cancellation fees.

Sharing a business jet conserves environmental resources and ensures less CO2 pollution thanks to optimised flight planning. Intelligent positioning of the fleet keeps empty-leg flights to a minimum and positioning flights shorter and cheaper. The individual full-flight simulator training of the pilots not only protects the real aircraft, but also the environment.