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Welcome to BLISSAIR

BLISSAIR is a German company in the aviation sector that operates a full-flight simulator for the Beechcraft KingAir B200 aircraft type in addition to a licensed aviation company. This flight simulator is a unique selling point of BLISSAIR in Central Europe and reproduces the original aircraft including the cockpit and the navigation avionic Collins Proline 21 absolutely true to the original.

Take advantage of the unique BLISSAIR concept and become a part owner.

You become part owner of a Cessna Citation M2 through BLISSAIR. This allows you to cover your flight requirements per year. In addition to the one-off purchase costs, there are fixed costs of 2500 euros per flying hour for operating expenses.

For your share, you will receive a total of 100 flying hours per year as part owner. You enjoy all the advantages of an aircraft owner, but are only charged one sixth of the costs. BLISSAIR operates the jet and guarantees its economic success. Our subsidiary Challengeline bears the responsibility under aviation law and guarantees commercial and private use.

Perfect flight services thanks to state-of-the-art jets and safe training in our new simulator centre.

BLISSAIR offers you the best possible way to travel - minimised contact points, fast handling before and after the flight, a permanent crew. And not only that - a state-of-the-art jet with all the amenities will get you safely to your destination.

BLISSAIR also operates a Level D full-flight simulator, where we offer flight training for pilots of KingAir's Beechcraft BE90/99/100 and 200 series business jets.