Full-Flight Simulator

Full-Flight Simulator

Ultimate flight training with absolute safety

In addition to the high training effect and the resulting flight safety, the flight simulator also contributes to climate protection, as it consumes hardly any energy compared to the real aircraft. In future, flight training in Bocholt will even be climate-neutral as soon as the flight simulator is powered by the in-house photovoltaic system.

Considering the fuel consumption of around 500 litres of paraffin per hour in the real aircraft, pilots not only save a lot of money but also make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Simulator training is safer, more effective and more environmentally friendly

The Full-Flight Simulator from BLISSAIR realistically recreates a Beechcraft KingAir B200. This allows all flight situations, emergency scenarios or system failures to be recreated realistically without endangering human lives or machines. In addition, the time spent in the virtual environment is more environmentally friendly and significantly less expensive in view of the fuel consumption of around 500 litres of paraffin per hour in the aircraft. In the future, flight training with us will even be climate-neutral as soon as the flight simulator is powered by a photovoltaic system.

We use proven technology from the world market leader CAE

BLISSAIR uses a full-flight simulator from the company CAE. The full-motion base with six degrees of freedom, the real visual system and the precise sound processors give the pilot an absolutely real flight experience. The approval by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) is the seal of quality for the simulator and allows pilots to equate the hours flown there with flight hours from the real aircraft. The training value is even considerably higher on the flight simulator because many manoeuvres for training purposes may only be performed on the flight simulator.

Dry-Lease for education, training, UPRT and exams.

We facilitate check flights for the Beechcraft BE90/99/100 and 200 series, which makes our service portfolio attractive not only for aviation operators, but also for private owners as well as flight schools (ATOs) and Type Rating Examiners (TRE). We are certified according to CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2 (approach-to-stall) for Upset Prevention, Recovery Training and UPRT. For type rating Beechcraft KingAir BE90/99/100/200, the hours in the simulator are equivalent to those in a real aircraft in terms of aviation law. They are noted by the pilots in their flight log as proof of experience.

Services from Airport Qualification to LPC and Low-Visibility Operations

The validity of the type rating for the Beechcraft BE90/99/100 and 200 series is usually one year. Before the license expires, an annual revalidation of the rating must be performed via License Proficiency Check (LPC). Please feel free to use our Seat Support if required. We also arrange or provide examiners who can perform checks for all EASA license holders.

The requirements for commercial flight operations are particularly high. Therefore, every commercial pilot must complete recurrent training at regular intervals. Here, too, BLISSAIR is happy to help. All procedures can be systematically trained and checked with us. If required, we can provide a pilot to take over the duties of the PM.

The same applies to the Operators Proficiency Check (OPC). Here, the pilot learns how to deal with special situations such as smoke in the cabin, aborted takeoff or fire in an engine.

Do you want to train crews using an Airport Qualification Program and explain and discuss topics such as CRM elements, AFM limitations or performance planning and criteria in a briefing? FFS training in the full-flight simulator with us can also depict approaches, ground ops or departure procedures. The BLISSAIR full-flight simulator is equipped with the latest navigation data and certified airport sceneries and is constantly updated.

In low-visibility operations training (LVO), pilots are trained on procedures to be used in low visibility conditions. At BLISSAIR, the exercises are accompanied by an experienced operator. They cover safe ground operations as well as takeoffs and approaches.

A Command Course prepares pilots for the captain role. This significantly expands the requirements. Decision-making, teamwork and communication come to the fore. In the BLISSAIR Full Flight Simulator, procedures can be flown from the left seat. It is also possible to qualify captains to operate an aircraft from any pilot seat. At the same time, they can be trained to carry out the necessary training or checks themselves as part of supervision