04 Aug

With BLISSAIR to the venerable seaside resort of Brighton

One of England's oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts is still an attraction today and has adapted to modern times. The mixture of old and new makes this place so fascinating. Spectacular nature like the wide sandy beach invite you to linger, the historic pier to stroll, the hip city center to stroll.

It's really no secret that Brighton has charm: For centuries, people have flocked to the colorful seaside city for its long pebble beach, bohemian spirit and unique architecture - and are rewarded with wonderfully fresh air, freedom and fun.

Away from the well-known attractions and far from the crowds, there are plenty of unusual gems to explore: hidden gardens, miniature-sized beachside cafes, outdoor adventures and much more. How about, for example, cocktails in a cave, a sauna session in the middle of the beach or diving in a shipwreck?

The Brighton Pavillion is unmissable: this opulent palace, with Indian-inspired d├ęcor, was built in the 1700s by the young Prince, later King George, as a decadent retreat from his life in London. Even today, visitors admire the gold-covered, hand-painted interiors. At least as magnificent, but much quieter, is the garden full of exotic plants and architectural craziness. The Mindful Garden is a new audio tour that brings the history of this idyllic place to life.

Another highlight is the British Airways i360 observation tower, from which you not only have a spectacular view, but you can also take part in extraordinary events, such as a yoga session just before sunset.

Those who love the extravagant are in the right place at the pier: in a heated 50 meter pool you can try open water swimming in addition to fitness courses or chill out at one of the bars. A zipline across the sea is more for adrenaline junkies, diving to shipwrecks promises to be exciting, and the sauna on the pier is more relaxing in an unusual setting.

Countless festivals offer variety, but even without them Brighton is something very special. How about a cocktail in the quaint caves of the Tempest Inn? Or original craft beer in the Electric Arcade, where there is also a lot going on with standup comedy?

The Hotel Pelirocco also offers unusual accommodation for music fans. In the beautifully designed rooms, you will find period furnishings that various rock stars have made the theme of, be it with jukeboxes or interiors in the style of Dolly Parton. Each of the 19 rooms is unique.

We at BLISSAIR would like to give you even more tips on how to have a wonderful time in Brighton. You can get to Brighton from various London airports in a very short time. If you have business to do here, we will of course also support you, show you possible connections and recommend you accommodation.

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