07 Jan

Visit the AERO - The Leading Show for General Aviation with BLISSAIR from 19.-23. April 2023

In recent years, business aviation has experienced a veritable boom as an individual means of transport not only for business travelers, but also for ambulance flights or as a means of transport for urgent products that have to be brought to their destination as quickly as possible without great effort.

In total, the current jet fleet consists of more than 22,000 aircraft in addition to around 15,000 propeller aircraft, which are used primarily for business flights. Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, today's business jets can easily keep up with larger machines or even surpass them.

A big advantage in business aviation is constant availability. These jets have been equipped with internet for a long time, when it was by no means usual for commercial airlines. Business people can always rely on being available at all times.

At the next year's AERO in Friedrichshafen, these aspects in the field of business aviation will be discussed, innovations will be presented and curiosity about technical achievements will be aroused with an entertaining supporting program.

All well-known companies are represented at the AERO Expo. Be it technology companies like Aero Concept Engineering or Air K Motors, software systems like Aircraft Info Desk - AviationDataServices GmbH, flight schools, accessories companies like Bose Products B.V or aircraft manufacturers like Boeing - you will be amazed at the variety.

Of course, we at BLISSAIR will also be there to keep us up to date.

Are you interested and do you want information? Then contact us. BLISSAIR is at your side with advice and action, not only do we offer you a pleasant flight, we can also, if desired, arrange a shuttle service or accommodation.

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