KingAir B200 Full-flight-Simulator in Bocholt

BLISSAIR stands for First-class and pleasant individual flights.
This offer will be growing in the near future with our apprenticeship and training programs on our modern KingAir B200 Flight Simulator.
BLISSAIR will be placing itself in a pole-position, as this will soon be the only European KingAir B200 Flight Simulator of this type.

At our Bocholt location , BLISSAIR is building a modern Full-flight flight simulator, that provides an absolutely realistic representation of the Beechcraft KingAir B200 aircraft type, with the popular ProLine 21 avionics. BLISSAIR will then offer quality-conscious flight schools, safety-conscious aviation companies and pilots the opportunity to train on this unique system in the future. The EASA certification will be a Level D simulator in the highest quality category and representing the best possible degree of realism. Our Certification will be in accordance with the latest CS-Issue 2 construction regulation, which requires TCAS 7.1 in addition to UPRT capability and thus fulfills all legal requirements for training, LPS, OPC and skill test check flights. BLISSAIR will offer an absolutely unique selling point, as it is the only flight simulator of its kind in Europe.

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