Vacation in Switzerland? Is that possible? Yes, of course!

And another holiday season is restricted by the corona measures. But the question of whether a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps can take place despite of the virus can be answered ith a clear "yes".

Of course there are also very clear instructions in Switzerland on how the strict measures are to be implemented, but these are, especially around Easter, handled quite loosely compared to neighboring countries.

Easter brunch for up to ten people can take place inside the house, although you have to note that children are included here. Up to 15 people are allowed outside. In contrast to Germany, these "meetings" are not limited to another household, rather it is recommended to mix as little as possible. In some regions of Switzerland, for example in Ticino, you have to follow the mask requirements, which also apply outside.

Restaurants are still not allowed to open, but, as in most European countries, there is a takeaway offer.

Hotels and campsites, on the other hand, are open, and hotel restaurants are also allowed to serve their guests. Shops have been open since March 1, but measures are also in place here to minimize the spread of the virus. You can also visit museums, zoos and adventure parks. Many regions offer a variety of programs, not only for tourists, but also for locals: in addition to Easter parades, there are organized skiing tours, various special Easter menus to go, courses as to be Maitre Chocolatier or adventure tours such as a Segway ride through Zurich, a Rickshaw ride through Bern or a tapas tour in Lausanne.

Another plus point that speaks in favour of a holiday in Switzerland is that most skiing areas are open, although the last decision is with the cantons.

What else must be considered:

Electronic registration is required upon entry. If you want to travel by plane, you need a negative PCR test.

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