Discover for yourself the time-saving and safe experience of calculable private flights with the BLISSAIR JetCard.

The BLISSAIR JetCard is a product from 20 years of flight experience and bundles the interests of our customers in the best possible way!

In general, jet cards are a frequent flyer program with which airlines reward high booking volumes and pass on the resulting benefits to flight customers.

Usually a fixed contingent of flight hours is booked at a special price, which can be used spontaneously.

The flight customer enjoys the flexibility similar to an aircraft owner without having to bear the fixed costs of flight operations.

The advantages of the BLISSAIR Jetcard are the unusually high level of customization and basically include the following guarantees:


As with other providers, the credit for flight hours does not expire after one year.


The value of the flight hours is granted by a bank guarantee.


For up to 3 frequently recurring routes, fixed flight times / costs can be set on request.

Guarantee of transport

The BLISSAIR Jetcard holder enjoys a transport guarantee with a booking lead time of 5 days.


There is an upgrade option to a larger aircraft class with a fixed accounting factor

Return flights

Return flights to the home base are free of charge on request

Your possibilities

BLISSAIR JetCard Silver

10 flight hours à 2.400 Euro


25 flight hours à 2.100 Euro

BLISSAIR JetCard Platin

50 flight hours à 1.980 Euro


100 flight hours à 1.800 Euro

Depending on the route and version of the BLISSAIR JetCard, the savings potential compared to a single booking is in the range of 10% to 30% based on the total flight costs.

Your flight Bayreuth - Sylt would cost only 5,800 euros instead of 6,300 euros if you used the BLISSAIR JetCard Gold.

The BLISSAIR JetCard is currently available for the aircraft model CitationJet CJ1 +.

It is a reliable, modern, nimble and comfortable jet plane for 5 passengers.

There are upgrade options within the CitationJet aircraft family to CJ2, CJ3 and CJ4 for up to 8 passengers and routes of up to 3,500 km